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An Overview Of the Letsdefend Training Resource In Cybersecurity

By Tom Seest

What Is Letsdefend?

LetsDefend is an online training resource that teaches incident response and forensic analysis skills. It uses realistic malware and attack methods to simulate real-world events. The program also helps you acquire the skills needed to become a Blue Team Defender. It is free to use and includes many tools that a real SOC Analyst uses every day.

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Does Letsdefend Have Online Training?

LetsDefend is a gamified online training resource that focuses on incident response and forensic analysis. The courses cover a variety of topics, including malware analysis and threat intelligence. The courses are designed to help SOC analysts better understand and implement incident response techniques.
In addition to the curriculum, LetsDefend also offers an incident simulator, DFIR NetWars, to test your skills. This free training resource consists of incident simulation challenges, malware, and threat hunting challenges that can be completed within a pre-set amount of time.
LetsDefend’s Blue Team training is focused on cyber security, which is an area of cyber security that has undergone rapid change in the past few years. This course builds the skills necessary to analyze and dissect advanced Windows executables.

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Is Letsdefend a Training Platform?

Letsdefend is an online training platform that uses real-world malware and attack methods to simulate events that would be encountered in real-life operations. It provides a full-featured simulated SOC environment, including log management, endpoint management, an alerts dashboard, and SOC playbooks. The software is available as a free trial. The free trial comes with 15 SOC L1 alerts.

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Does Letsdefend Teach Skills Need to Be a Blue Team Defender?

To become a Blue Team Defender, you need to have the right skills. A successful Blue Team defender must be able to protect an organization from cyber attacks. In order to become a Blue Team Defender, you need to read up on the topic of cybersecurity and learn about the different roles and practices in this field. You also need to know how to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in your network.
The Blue Team field manual is an invaluable resource for cybersecurity professionals. It covers topics related to the Blue Team role and is free to download. This book also teaches the mindset and skills required for tackling a cybersecurity scenario. If you’re interested in being a Blue Team defender, this is the book for you.
As a Blue Team Defender, you’ll be the first line of defense for a network. You’ll be responsible for monitoring data at all times and analyzing threats. The Blue Team is a high-level group of security professionals, and it requires more time and commitment than the Red Team.
SANS is the industry leader when it comes to Blue Team training. However, it can cost you over $7000 to become a Blue Team Defender. That’s why LetsDefend has developed a platform that teaches the skills needed to become a Blue Team defender in a short amount of time.
Blue Team Labs offers six courses. They cover topics like Threat Hunting, Darkweb Operations, Vulnerability Management, Network Analysis, and Open-Source Intelligence. The courses also include certifications. In addition, students can get hands-on experience with security tools used by the Blue team.
LetsDefend is a cloud-based training platform for Blue Team members. It helps junior SOC analysts and Incident Responders develop the skills they need to be a Blue Team Defender. The training platform is designed to be as realistic as possible by using the same logic used in a real SOC environment.
To become a Blue Team Defender, you should learn how to protect networks from cyber attacks. The first step is to become certified. The EC-Council Blue Team Certification provides hands-on training that’s ideal for blue team security officers. The course is accredited by both the U.S. Department of Defense and the American National Standards Institute. It also includes specializations in the industry.
Another online platform that teaches the skills needed to protect an organization is Rangeforce. It offers nine Battle Paths and has a free community edition with 20 modules. The modules vary depending on your performance. To learn more about this online training platform, sign up for the free trial.

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