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While my journey in the world of digital technology had humble beginnings on the plains of Illinois, in the land of Lincoln, it set the stage for an expansive career that has lasted over four decades. During my high school days, we used Radio Shack TRS80 Model III computers, which were state-of-the-art machines for programming and word processing classes at that time. I was a mischievous young coder, once even altering the software to display the letter ‘A’ regardless of which keys were pressed. Although I had a knack for creating “trouble,” this incident ignited my teacher’s recognition of my skills, albeit after doling out a well-deserved reprimand.

It was the dawning realization of the magnitude of responsibility associated with programming that pivoted my focus. I shifted from causing digital disruptions to safeguarding the digital landscape, particularly in cybersecurity. Since then, I have dedicated myself to continuous learning and skill development in this ever-evolving field.

Over the past 40 years, I have not just limited myself to one avenue of cybersecurity. I have diversified my skill set to include extensive programming, web development, and the implementation of anti-virus coding strategies. I have consulted for major manufacturing firms, implementing antivirus solutions to protect proprietary information against industrial espionage. 

In the realm of education, I collaborated with various school districts to overhaul their cybersecurity systems, ensuring the safeguarding of student data and research materials. My team and I were able to revamp antiquated infrastructures, introducing multifactor authentication processes and state-of-the-art firewall protections that significantly diminished the instances of cyber breaches.

Within the critical sector of power production, my work has had substantial impacts. I was part of a team that developed cybersecurity strategies for power plants, with the primary aim of preventing cyber-attacks that could cripple national infrastructure. By embedding resilient anti-virus protocols, we fortified against potential threats that could otherwise result in disastrous consequences.

In addition to my consulting roles, I have always been committed to the broader dissemination of knowledge. This commitment led me to create a vast public collection of online cybersecurity research and investigation. Through this platform, I aim to empower individuals and organizations alike to make well-informed cybersecurity decisions.

As we venture further into the digital age, my commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity trends and strategies remains steadfast. Through continuous adaptation and growth, I strive to offer the most advanced and robust solutions for navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my journey and expertise. I hope that my extensive background and diversified experience across industries serve as an assurance of the quality and depth of knowledge I bring to the realm of cybersecurity, web development, and anti-virus strategies.

Tom Seest

Tom Seest
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