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An Overview Of Checkmarx Codebashing

By Tom Seest

What Is Checkmarx Codebashing?

If you’re a developer and looking for a coding education program, Checkmarx has a solution for you. It’s called Checkmarx Codebashing, and it provides developers with just-in-time targeted lessons that take 5-8 minutes to complete. These lessons are delivered directly within a developer’s favorite IDE, such as JetBrains IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Visual Studio.

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Is Checkmarx Codebashing Gamified Training?

Codebashing is a gamified, hands-on solution for secure coding training. The system is a great way for developers to learn about security vulnerabilities and best practices in an interactive environment. The lessons can be completed in 5-8 minutes, and they can be accessed directly from a developer’s IDE. The best part is that Checkmarx Codebashing is completely safe compared to searching the Internet for information on Stackoverflow or Google.
Checkmarx’s SaaS platform, Codebashing, has helped companies improve their development velocity and reduce post-release bugs and vulnerabilities by up to 42%. This has enabled one of the largest financial services companies in Europe to estimate a 393% ROI for their Checkmarx SAST investment. This ROI is equivalent to saving over 1.7 million euros per year.
Checkmarx is one of the leading application security testing and training companies. Its recent acquisition of Codebashing will allow the company to offer its developers continuous bite-sized secure coding training. Its customers include SAP, Salesforce, and Samsung. It is expected that the acquisition will help the company to expand its offerings to address a cybersecurity skills gap.
Codebashing is a fun, interactive way for developers to learn about secure coding best practices. The interactive platform is designed to fit into the busy schedule of developers. It teaches developers how to identify security vulnerabilities and remediate them, allowing them to see improvements in their code almost immediately. Furthermore, it allows managers to follow their team’s progress as they complete each module.
Checkmarx is an innovative company that provides continuous secure coding training. Its interactive courses include secure coding in Android, iOS Objective C, and Swift. Checkmarx believes that security testing must be integrated into every application and that developers must become a part of the security process. The company’s mission is to empower developers to deliver secure applications.
Checkmarx’s CxCSA platform helps companies find and mitigate the risks associated with open-source software. It helps developers identify and fix multiple vulnerabilities at the same point in the code using a unified analysis methodology. It also helps teams assess potential risks associated with open-source software licensing and community activity.

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What Is Checkmarx Interactive Learning?

Checkmarx Interactive Learning enables you to test interactive web applications for security vulnerabilities and phishing attacks. The security testing solution supports Java, NodeJS, and Microsoft.NET and covers XSS injection, SQL injection, open redirection, cross-site request forgery, and sensitive data leakage.
Checkmarx offers just-in-time, context-based lessons, which take five to eight minutes to complete. Learners can access the lessons within their favorite development environments, such as Eclipse, JetBrains IntelliJ, Visual Studio, or Xamarin. Each lesson includes real-world examples, real-world challenges, and prevention tips.
Checkmarx is a provider of application security testing technology and recently acquired Codebashing, a company that develops educational content to train developers on application security. Traditional training courses are too long and disruptive to developers’ daily routines, and they do not focus on the challenges that developers face. Checkmarx’s acquisition will allow the company to introduce continuous bite-sized secure coding training. Its customers include SAP, Samsung, and Salesforce.
The security training platform Checkmarx Codebashing includes gamification and is designed to increase learning retention. This platform allows learners to earn badges by passing challenges and completing challenges. The software is also designed to provide an assessment of knowledge. This allows students to learn more in fewer sessions and assess themselves in less time. Checkmarx Codebashing also raises awareness of AppSec. When combined with Checkmarx Codebashing, the Checkmarx Codebashing solution helps companies meet security and compliance requirements.

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What Is Checkmarx’s Elearning Platform?

Checkmarx Interactive Learning, a global leader in application security testing, has just announced the availability of an eLearning platform for developers on secure coding. The new platform, AppSec Coach, offers developers interactive, in-context training modules to help them develop secure applications.
This gamified eLearning platform is based on Checkmarx’s expertise in developing online training for security professionals. It’s designed to train developers on the basics of AppSec. The Checkmarx platform features just-in-time, targeted, and gamified learning. It also includes a knowledge assessment tool. The company hopes to expand its reach in Latin America by partnering with universities in countries such as Argentina and Colombia.
Checkmarx’s unified software security platform is based on cutting-edge technologies to identify security risks in applications during the development and production phases. This ensures that a development team can focus on building a secure application rather than identifying security flaws later.

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What Is Checkmarx’s Developer Education Program?

If you’re an aspiring developer, you may be interested in Checkmarx Interactive Learning’s developer education courses. The company provides developer-focused training that is designed to mimic real-world security concerns. For example, it offers a course on DOM Cross-Site Scripting. In this interactive lesson, learners will experience how to avoid this type of security breach using the characters Alice and Bob.
Checkmarx offers developer training that fits into developers’ daily routines. It uses gamification to deliver just-in-time training that helps them develop a strong foundation in secure coding. In addition to hands-on interactive learning, the company also provides an innovative security testing solution called Codebashing. With Codebashing, developers learn how to protect their code from a multitude of security threats. The company also provides remediation guidance based on the findings of security testing. This helps developers understand why a problem occurred and avoid making the same mistake again.
Checkmarx also offers application security training. The company offers open-source application security testing and interactive code scanning. These tools help developers identify vulnerable code and secure it quickly and easily. In addition, developers can take advantage of Checkmarx’s developer education program by integrating Checkmarx Codebashing into their workflows and GitHub Security Alerts.

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