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An Overview Of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association

By Tom Seest

What Is ISACA?

ISACA is an organization that provides governance tools, benchmarks, and guidance to enterprises. It has over 200 chapters around the world, and its members take the lead in shaping the future. The association helps its members compete globally by facilitating the transformational change they need to succeed as individuals and enterprises. Its members also help guide the way in the fields of information security, data privacy, and data management.

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Does ISACA Provide Guidance Benchmarks and Governance Tools?

ISACA was founded in 1967 by a group of individuals who recognized the need for an independent organization to provide guidance, benchmarks, and governance tools to enterprises. As computer systems became more complex and critical to the way businesses operate, the group identified the need for a centralized resource that would provide this information. Stuart Tyrnauer founded the organization and served as its first chairman. The association was then incorporated in 1976 and began undertaking large-scale research efforts.
ISACA also publishes COBIT, a business framework that helps enterprises manage the quality, control, and reliability of information systems. The organization sponsors the framework, which was first published in 1996 and has been used by enterprises worldwide. The latest version of COBIT includes guidelines to help enterprises meet compliance with regulations and prevent fines. It also enables organizations to reduce maintenance costs and satisfy customers.
ISACA is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to information system governance. Its mission is to develop, promote and standardize globally accepted information systems knowledge and practices. Previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, ISACA is now better known by its acronym, ISACA. Its programs are designed to improve the IT governance function within enterprises and also help individuals advance their careers. ISACA also offers certification programs, including Certified Information Security Manager and Certified Information Systems Auditor.
ISACA uses multiple frameworks to create its offerings. The Cybersecurity Framework, for example, has become the cornerstone of ISACA training and certification. It distills the key elements of numerous reference materials into a single framework that is easy to reference and understand. It also makes it easier to identify the domain of an effort and supports international and national models.

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Does ISACA Have Local Chapters Worldwide

ISACA has more than two hundred chapters worldwide and more than sixteen thousand members. These members work in a wide range of IT-related roles ranging from entry-level jobs to middle and senior management. They work in virtually every industry sector and provide the opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices.
The ISACA Irish Chapter offers professional networking, education, advocacy, and other benefits to its members. The association was founded in 1967 and has chapters in more than eighty countries. Its headquarters is based in the U.S. The ISACA Ireland Chapter was founded in 1967 and is now part of the global organization. Its members include 12.1% of employees from the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as employees from Norway and Canada.
The ISACA organization has over 200 chapters worldwide, offering members education, professional networking, and resource sharing. Its global reach makes ISACA the pace-setting organization for information professionals. Its standards are widely followed, while its research pinpoints issues and trends affecting its constituents. ISACA also offers an internationally recognized certification for information security professionals called Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). Over eleven thousand professionals have earned the credential.
The Portland, Oregon Chapter of ISACA represents IT Security, Audit, and Compliance professionals in the Oregon/SW Washington region. It is organized by a volunteer board of directors and a technical committee. The chapter hosts technical seminars and serves as a conduit between the International ISACA organization and its members.

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Does ISACA Lead Worldwide?

ISACA’s members come from more than 180 countries and span a broad range of positions. From new professionals to senior executives, they work in virtually every industry sector and are well-placed to share and learn from one another. Through the ISACA community, these professionals are able to exchange ideas, share best practices, and improve their professional development.
ISACA Chapter Leadership Awards recognize outstanding programs within ISACA chapters. These programs demonstrate effective use of resources, have a positive impact on the local community, and are highly innovative. These awards also recognize outstanding use of chapter resources. Chapters that are nominated for chapter leadership awards are encouraged to submit examples of their programs.
ISACA also supports diversity through its One in Tech Foundation. With One in Tech, ISACA is working to bring underrepresented and under-resourced groups into the IT workforce. The foundation offers scholarship opportunities that target women and minorities in various fields. For example, there are CORE Scholarships, Diversity in Leadership Scholarships, and ISACA Chapters Scholarships.

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Does ISACA Facilitate Transformative Change?

ISACA facilitates transformative change and helps individuals and enterprises innovate in a world of rapid change. Through education and professional development, the association provides members with the credentials, resources, and community they need to succeed. The organization also provides certification for professionals, which enables them to be more effective in their jobs.

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Does ISACA Offer Certification Programs?

ISACA is an international professional association that focuses on IT governance. Its official name is Information Systems Audit and Control Association but it is more commonly known by its acronym. There are three types of certifications offered by ISACA, including CISSP, CISA, and CISM. These credentials give professionals access to world-class standards and innovative knowledge in their field.
CISSP is the most popular certification, which requires applicants to spend four thousand hours in a permanent IT role. Experience is also required to renew the certification, but it can be substituted for one year in a control, security, or audit role. All three programs require a written exam. The exam covers a wide range of subjects, so it is important to spend enough time studying for it. If you’re seeking a job in the information security field, ISACA certification can make you a better candidate for a role, as well as increase your income potential.
The CRISC certification is for information security professionals with some risk experience, such as risk management or data analytics. The CRISC certification indicates that an IT professional has expertise in implementing information security governance and risk management. The CRISC certification also helps mid-career IT professionals gain visibility in the IT field.
The Security+ certification is geared toward entry-level IT security personnel. The ISACA CSX certification includes three hands-on introductory courses and two certification exams.

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Does ISACA Offer Grandfathering Programs for Credentialing Programs?

The CCSK is an innovative credential in the cloud security industry. Rather than user accreditation, CCSK is a knowledge-based certificate that demonstrates cloud security expertise. The CCSK was developed by a broad group of experts and has been used by organizations worldwide since 2010. The CCSK is recognized by the industry as the gold standard for demonstrating cloud security competency. It was developed in collaboration with ENISA, a leading research organization in vendor-neutral cloud security.

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